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I am excited to announce the first (actually, beta) edition of my new book, "Data Science Essentials in Python. Collect → Organize → Explore → Predict → Value," just released by the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

The book is intended for seasoned data scientists and statisticians migrating from R to Python, as well as for beginners willing to learn elements of data science in Python. (Knowledge of Python 3 at freshman/sophomore level and a descent distribution Python, such as Anaconda, are required.)

The book leads you from messy, unstructured artifacts stored in SQL and NoSQL databases to a neat, well-organized dataset. It covers text mining, machine learning, and network analysis; processing numeric data with the NumPy and Pandas modules; and describing and analyzing data using statistical and network-theoretical methods. It has actual examples of data analysis at work, as well as mini-projects for you to enjoy.

The book is available for purchase at the publisher's site. Coming soon to Amazon and other venues.



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